Hello, I want to solve novel and interesting problems using any language and platform required. Additionally I am interested in Linux, computer networking, and electronic engineering.


I’ve been programming as a hobby for over 7 years, mainly web but also some python, Java, Kotlin, Go, WinForms/C++. Have experience with Docker and currently learning k8s. Interested in open source, contributed to the Linux kernel.


Image gallery screenshot Single user image gallery built as a self-hosted alternative to services such as Imgur. Supports PWA and is installable with share target on Android.

Built using TypeScript both on frontend and backend. Frontend is designed with React. Backend is mainly using Express.js and sqlite.

Development workflow is automated using GitHub actions resulting in complete CI/CD pipeline outputting a Docker image on DockerHub.

More information is available on the repo here.

youtube-dl electron gui

youtube-dl electron gui screenshot As simple as it gets frontend to the great youtube-dl. Designed with casual users in mind, Windows version packages everything you need in a single executable.

Built using TypeScript, Electron, and React.

More information is available on the repo here.

Private DNS Quick Toggle

Private DNS app screenshot A quick settings tile to switch your private dns provider. Supports any number of providers. Makes it easy to turn adblocking dns servers on or off with just a single tap.

More information is available on the repo here.

Untitled Word Game

Word Game screenshot Word game similar to Cards Against Humanity, except all answers are written by player. Built in go and svelte to try them out in something more complex. Uses websockets to communicate, stores almost no data on the server.

More information is available on the repo here.

Untitled Android image sharing app

android app screenshot Project that I built primarily to learn Android development. Provides a simple way to upload images to arbitrary HTTP endpoints from android share sheet. Never got to the point of me being completely satisfied with it, so I never released it publicly.

Written in Java with little use of 3rd party libraries. I haven’t posted the source anywhere, but, after some cleanup, I may upload it to my GitHub.


There are more projects, that are too small to get their own mention, on my GitHub. Missing from there are a couple of older PHP projects, some of which became the inspiration for later work, and a very small patch for the Linux kernel which you can find on the mailing lists.